Sophomore year started and that meant my favorite thing was starting, basketball season!!! Being from Cooper meant everyone knows everyone and we all grew up together, so of course word got around about what happened over summer vacation and rumors were spreading like wild fire. Before practice one day my teammate Valerie pulled me into a corner of some hidden lockers and very secretively leaned in and whispered “is it true, you and Mary are a thing now?!” My defensive instinct kicked in instantly, I took a step back further into the corner and said “absolutely not!” Valerie then stepped up close to me again and while grabbing the collar of my jersey, pulled me into her and said “Good, I heard y’all slept together, if that is true I want you to do whatever you did with her… To me.” Immediately I felt that fiery passion from my head to my toes! I don’t know what came over me but I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around so her back was against the lockers. I grabbed her face with both hands and told her “ok you’re curious, well here’s what happened.” I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her as hard as I could without hurting her, pulling away every few minutes just to tease and bite her bottom lip. In the midst of our make out I covered her mouth with my hand, our teammates were coming in. We stayed tucked into the corner of the lockers and stayed close into each other. The Adrenalin rush I had come over my entire body was uncontrollable, I wanted her, I wanted to feel her breaths get heavier, her legs shake, I wanted her to tremble because of my touch! I wanted to do everything I could to her, without getting caught.

So I made my move, with my left hand over her mouth I slipped my right hand into her basketball shorts and thru the thin lace over her vagina I could feel the soaking wetness in between her steaming hot thighs. I slid her thong to the side and let my fingers play with her clit for a couple minutes and as I took my hand off her mouth she pressed her lips against my neck, opened them just enough to bite down and muffle her moans. I slowly stuck one finger into her vagina and had to catch her with my left arm, she got herself back up to two feet and I continued with my second finger and pushed them into her hard, she bit into my neck even harder and that feeling of wanting her to bite my neck over and over, it made me push my fingers faster and harder into her. Our breathing synced together and I leaned harder against her so she was completely backed into the lockers where no one could see us, I wanted to make her cum..I wanted us to get as close to caught as possible. I grabbed her hip with my left hand and knelt onto one knee, on the way down I ran my hands around the waist band of her shorts and slid them down with me. I moved my hands back up to her hips and tucked my mouth under her, so my cheeks were just between her dripping wet thighs. She moved her left leg over my right shoulder, I let my tongue barely touch her lips, she got on her tip toes trying to get away from my mouth but I pulled her back down as I ran my tongue against her clit. I kept flicking my tongue over her clit until she grabbed the top of my head and tangled her fingers in my hair, at that point I wanted her to moan. I pushed my two fingers back into her and started making a “come here” motion with my fingers inside of her still. Within thirty seconds her gasps for air started, she rocked her hips against the flicks of my tongue, her legs shook uncontrollably and then went weak, she let out a huge moan and then she collapsed onto my face…I pulled my fingers away from her, licked her vagina one more time before wiping my face and sitting back away from her on the ground. We sat there for a minute and then remembered the other girls were there, but somehow, someway no one ever heard us at all. The adrenaline rush that day would become one of my greatest and easily one of favorite addictions.


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