Keeping in mind, I was raised pretty Christian and was petrified of my family finding out. I was still at church every Sunday and Wednesday night, youth group gave me a lot of amazing friends and because we all went to different schools, of course they didn’t know of any of my recent “adventures.” There was one friend in particular I fancied a bit, she was this 5’7″ fit girl, she had long wavy black hair and these lips that just called my name. Her name was Gina, we were both 16 and pretty close. So there was a youth group “lock in” which is where the youth group goes to the church and stays up all night while doing learning activities and singing worship songs. At different points of the night we’d get split up by age groups and then guys separate from girls. In the one group room I sat in the back against a wall, Gina made room and sat between my legs In front of me. We always stayed close and “cuddled.” This time though, she leaned back against my chest and turned her face into my neck, her hair was tickling my collar bone but I didn’t want her to move so I ignored it. Ever so softly she kept puckering her lips, barely pressing them to my neck to kiss me, over and over again. So I let my hand slide down the front of her and through her jeans I could feel the dampness of her panties. Every Time I’d push against her inseam she’d take a small bite of my neck, so I kept doing it until she was rocking against me and I’d stop and barely let my finger touch while I traced up and down the stitching of her pants. The power I had in teasing her was addictive but I stopped and waited until we met back up in the chapel that Sunday morning during 9am service. We sat extra close to each other and her hoody laid over her lap, with my hand underneath it. Single handedly I undid her button enough for my hand to wiggle in the tight space as she buried her face into my shoulder during prayer. Knowing we were “on the clock” per say, the adrenaline pumping through us made it that much more intense. I was switching from pushing against her clit to putting two fingers in her and back to her clit. The closer we got to running out of time the faster I pushed my fingers in and out, when she started biting into my shoulder I pushed harder into her with two fingers and let my thumb press against her clit. Then right as prayer was coming to a close, she squeezed my leg as her back arched against the pew. As the people were saying amen and standing for worship, Gina was trying to get her legs to solidify from the instant jello they had just become. We glanced at each other and giggled as we stood up a minute later.


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