Cayla’s Not-So-Secret Diary

**UPDATE: 8/20/2019**  This blog site is under construction just like my life.  I have been clean from drugs since June 2011, just like it says in How It Works – I was one of those who thought I could control my drinking.. I know now that I am not.  7 years later and I am back in my meetings, I am two weeks sober from alcohol today.  My life is changing, I am evolving and therefore so will my blog.  I personally have been through a lot and I hope other’s are able to relate to certain posts that may help them change their life or have a feeling of hope.


*I don’t own all of the pics* All names and some places have been changed to protect anyone’s identity* (By clicking any links – there is a potential commission I will make.)

“People are too complicated to have simple labels.”  – Philip Pullman



One thought on “Cayla’s Not-So-Secret Diary

  1. This is nice. Good job! It takes a strong human to show the ugly parts of the soul. I’m 5yrs clean from my drug of choice. Each day is a fight. Stay strong one day at a time.

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