697fe38449a0d7f3bfa01300f5179758*Still the same J as the previous entry. *

Fast forward a couple weeks of dating, this girl had me head over heels and loving everything about her. We went on a laser tag date for our 7th date, dinner was at this hibachi place where you sit on pillows and they cook in front of you. It was surreal to feel so mature at just 16 but I was crazy about her, about us and I knew I wanted her forever. Dinner was just that, nothing exciting except the chef making the shrimp dance LOL. We got to laser tag and each session is on average a 30 minute game depending on how many people are involved, it was a set up arena with two floors to run through filled with hide out spots, walls and hidden doors. We got in with a group of her friends and a handful of random people, 20 of us were in and it was one man/woman for themselves. I am an extremely competitive person and a very sore loser- so once the doors opened we all split up, about 10 minutes into the game I had already knocked 4 people out and was in what I thought was the perfect vantage point. I was about to laser tag another one when I felt a hand slide up the inside of my leg and this whisper in my ear saying “kiss me or I’ll shoot you.” I turned around and J was there with a smile from ear to ear. She grabbed the top of the laser tag vest and pulled me into her kiss. I leaned into her and reached for the wall but apparently hit one of the hidden doors, we fell into this lookout point that would’ve been perfect for me to get everyone else tagged out. I picked up my laser tag gun and as I started to continue playing she pushed me down and sat on top of me. She kissed me hard and I slid my hand up her shirt. She whispered to me that she wanted me to make her cum. I leaned up so she was still strattled on top of me, she already had her pants undone and she pushed my hand down her chest and into her pants. I could feel how wet she was and it made me want her even more. I pushed two fingers in her and let my thumb press on her clit, she started rocking her hips against the motion of my thumb. The rocking kept getting faster and her breaths were against my neck, shallower and louder with each motion. Right as she was about to cum she bit into my neck, let out this moan I had never heard from her before and I felt the gush of her release. There was a noise that came over the speaker that sounded like a noise in a fighting video game followed by a voice stating there was a winner! She stood up, helped me up and said “sorry babe but I couldn’t let you win.” Come to find out she had shot my laser target on my vest when she first kissed me! We met up with her friends and the group, I kissed her on the forehead and told her “I still won at the end of the day.”


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