One of my friends Dee, biggest flirt I knew growing up. She had a way of making everyone and anyone think she wanted them, she took advantage of that as well but this isn’t a story about that side of her. This is just the one time she followed through with her flirtatious ways.

There was a group of friends we had, we called ourselves “the crew.” We all were hanging out watching movies in my room one night; Dee and I were at the head of my bed, one of our friends was laid across the foot of the bed and the other 3 were spread out around the bedroom floor with pillows and blankets. Dee and I were cuddled up under a blanket and she had a leg over my lap. She kept sneaking bites of my ear and neck, every time she’d do it I would squeeze higher up her thigh until the 4th bite when there wasn’t any further to squeeze. I pulled my hand away at first when Dee grabbed my hand, as she bit my neck she placed my hand in her shorts. To my surprise, there was nothing under her shorts. I could feel her heartbeat starting to race as she leaned into me, she had this look in her eye as if she was demanding me to go further. I was nervous because everyone was so close to us. I bent my knee up to act as a small wall so no one would see any movement under the blanket, I started rubbing her clit softly with two fingers, faster and faster until she was so wet that my fingers kept slipping. She moved her hips towards me and she grabbed my hand, pushing my two fingers into her. I pushed them a little further and she leaned her mouth against my ear and took in a breath of air while biting down on my ear. I started to move my fingers while I was still pushing them into her, I wanted her to bite me harder, she struggled to stay quiet. I lifted my left arm around her and pressed my hand against her mouth, she bit down on the side of my hand so hard she broke the skin as she reached her orgasm. To this day, we don’t know if anyone heard, saw or even knew if anything happened. It never got brought up.


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