The sun and her flowers


I never really thought I would be a poetry fan until a book my friend suggested I read was brought into my life.  A book by Rupi Kaur called The sun and her flowers.

This book brought meaning to “moving on” and getting past relationships and heart breaks I never thought I’d move on from.  This one page in particular, “you are waiting for someone who is not coming back..”

Why do some of us put our lives on hold and play the waiting game, do we think that little our ourselves, our dreams and our aspirations that we are willing to allow people in and out of our lives as they please?  If someone can’t decide or doesn’t have a dying urge to need you in their lives the way you think you need them in yours; why are we so quick to put ourselves on a back burner for people that clearly our love isn’t enough for.

Why do we chase what doesn’t want to be caught?

In the words of Rupi Kaur “Realizations don’t work like that.” Even if they realized they can’t live without you, did they truly realize it or are they just choosing you?  Love isn’t a choice, it’s not circumstantial.   Love is just Love and if someone has to “choose” you, you deserve way more!

(I got the book on the below link!)


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