In honor of the 4th of July, I decided it was the perfect blog entry to post.


About five years ago I met this girl named Jenn, she had dated a mutual friend for a few months and had her heartbroken by him.She was starting to move on and had no plans for the 4th due to the break up; I had mentioned to her every year we do a block party at my house and shut down the street, over abundance of food, alcohol and loud music. The kids run around, bikes, scooters and ride on toys throughout the street since there is no thru traffic. There’s tables and chairs, tents and corn hole in every yard. I told Jenn she was more than welcome to come, I had a couple other friends coming as well. We had been texting the week leading up and there were little flirtatious passes on both sides, she mentioned she didn’t want to drive if she drank so I dropped the little “you don’t need an excuse to cuddle with me.” I made a comment about bringing a swim suit because of the pool and her response was “I know you want to see me in little to no clothing.”The day of the BBQ she had come over early to help set up, I was in the shed grabbing the tables and chairs when the door had shut (which was the only lighting inside of the shed) I turned around to push it back open and Jenn was right there, I didn’t even hear her approach me! She grabbed the side of the table I was holding, brought her face right up to mine, her nose was against my chin. She slowly and so softly moved her nose over my lips and to mine. She tilted her head to where our lips were a hairline away from each other, flashed me a smirk and said “you’ll have to wait until later for this.” Then smiled, laughed and walked away with the table I was carrying.I followed her out to the front yard with chairs, as I was opening them up and setting them out at tables my parents came out and said they had to run to the store; that we could relax until they got back to help more. We both finished setting up what we had brought out and went inside to relax and watch TV.  Jenn was sitting a seat away from me on the couch, I grabbed a pillow and used her lap to lay down. She was instantly  running her hands through my hair and kept tracing my ear with her pinky. I was getting chills down my spine because of it. I finally couldn’t take it, I kept replaying her teasing me in the shed and I wanted to know what her kiss was like. I sat up and just grabbed her face and pulled her into me. She leaned right back into me and we sat there kissing for a few minutes when she pulled back and said “that’s enough for now, I can’t let you have your way all at once now can I?” I wished so much she would’ve, I wanted her, I wanted more. Her kiss was addictive to me, the way she traced my bottom lip with her tongue right before biting it. I didn’t want to stop, she sat back and shot another smirk my way and said “I’m not this easy Cay.”Throughout the night we’d find ourselves in an area where no one else was and steal a couple kisses every chance we got. We had an amazing time and it was almost time for fireworks, our yards and street were beginning to fill up and I came up with the brilliant idea that I wanted to get on get roof for fireworks, I leaned over the back of Jenn’s chair and said “follow me.” She got up and walked in the house after me, I grabbed two beach towels and slipped out of the back door. She was insisting I tell her what we were doing but I just kept saying “you’ll see, trust me.”I threw the towels up onto the back roof and went to the side where my dad’s boat was parked. I hopped up and helped her in, then stood on the side and boosted her up to the roof, following right behind her. We knelt down and walked over to the back side of the roof where no one would see us, laid out the towels and got comfortable knowing the fireworks would be starting any minute. She rolled over and thanked me for making that night one of her favorite holiday memories when it really could’ve been a sad one. I just leaned in, kissed her forehead and told her it was no big deal. We both jumped because a loud BOOM went off and the fireworks had started. We watched a couple go off as she cuddled up next to me and under my arm. I felt her starting to move around when she leaned up and kissed the side of my neck a couple times, I got chills down my spine and my heart rate started to race. I leaned over her and with my hand behind her head I pulled her in for a kiss, the kind of kiss I had wanted to give her all night. Our breaths were shallow and quick, she kept pulling me into her by the back of my neck. She let go of my neck one time and I felt her reach down to her shorts, she had undid the buttons. I wanted her and I knew there was a chance we’d get caught but everyone was watching fireworks and absolutely no one had known we went up there. I kept kissing her as I let my hand make its way down her side, barely touching her skin. I could feel how wet she was through her shorts, she whispered in my ear “I want you now, please.” Hearing her almost beg me for it sent this urge through me, I needed to please her. I pushed my hand against her hip and slid my fingers into her pants. She was so wet, she was dripping. I was teasing her by playing with her clit, she was rocking her hips into me and bit my neck. I couldn’t tease anymore, I pushed my fingers into her as hard as I could. She let out this moan that if there weren’t fireworks going off, neighbors would’ve heard her for sure. In between biting my neck she’d say in an out of breath and shaking voice “keep going” and “Don’t stop.” I took the chance, not knowing how she’d react but I started kissing down her neck while I kept my fingers in her. I lifted her shirt just enough to kiss down her stomach and as I got to her hip line, I bit, little bites down her hip bone. She grabbed my bun and pushed me down into her, she arched her back and thrust her hips to meet my mouth. She orgasmed the second my tongue touched her clit, legs shaking and weak, her grip from my bun released but I didn’t stop. She was breathing so fast and her moans were etched into my mind. I didn’t want her to stop, I wanted her to have another orgasm. I grabbed her hips and pulled them into me as I kept my tongue all over her clit. Her hips were rocking against me, her stomach pushed out as her back arched one more time and her entire body went weak. She was shaking and twitching from sensitivity. Slowly the fireworks were stopping and we continued to lay there kissing and cuddling. I rolled onto my side and asked her if she was okay, she rolled back towards me and said “better than ever. That’s better than most guys! Where did you learn to do this at?” I laughed and told her “girls know what girls want.”


2 thoughts on “Jenn

  1. Thank you I encourage you to be yourself and write big don’t hold back as I did when I was young as in second grade I would write little notes to a girl that I liked and as I got older her and I became really good friends but I was a closet writer I was always embarrass somebody would make fun of me so I never progressed and now with the lessons I’ve learned over the years the simple fact is if you don’t say it others don’t know


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