Another one of the books I enjoy by Rupi Kaur is “Milk and Honey.”There is an excerpt in it that states “I thank the universe for taking everything it has taken and giving to me everything it is giving.” To me – this is a huge statement, packed with a lot of meaning.  You have to find balance, count your blessings but don’t forget what you lost.  You can let go of people, places and things; all while still remembering them and cherishing the memories you shared.  The happiness you once felt, the love that was there.  Today it is a different love, a very hard love, you could even say a tough love.  You want them to be happy, they want you to be happy as well but they will be crucial of your actions, your words  and they will still hold you accountable.  Sometimes more now than ever before… When it comes to life, it’s got a funny way of showing you how unfair it is.  In the same breath, life has miracles working behind the scenes, everything will come full circle when it’s all supposed to happen; life will show you it’s hand and how it’s beneficial to you. Life will teach you BALANCE. Check out the book (link is embedded in the photo of the book) and share your favorite excerpt with me!


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