A few times a year my family and I go fishing on the west coast of Florida to this beautiful little island called Chokoloskee. This was one of the first vacations there I decided to bring my girlfriend, Molly and I dated for a few months before she went on a family vacation with us there. Just so you have some insight, Molly’s family wasn’t very accepting of us. Her mom would always pray with her before any trip but this one, she didn’t; Molly even asked and she wouldn’t. Before getting on the road, we stopped for gas and while the pump was on I walked over to her side of the truck, I grabbed her hands and I prayed for our trip, I prayed that the fishing God’s would take care of our catches and I prayed with everything in me that her mom would open her heart to this. (She never did but I did all I knew how to in that moment.) We got on the road and it was pure bliss, just us two driving with my hand stretched across on her leg, 90’s and 2000’s music playing. She was taking hundreds of photos of us and kept leaning over to place her head on my shoulder, I was on top of the world in that moment.

By the time we had gotten to the vacation house where everyone already was setting up, we had our camper there and we roamed the island before unloading and heading down to the dock and boats. She walked everywhere with me while holding my hand, she’d sneak kisses and hugs every chance she got. We grabbed some beers and headed out on the golf cart to go show her Worley Street and the other parts of the island like Small woods museum and store.By the time the sun was going down we had put back several beers each and had a decent buzz going, we headed back to the camper to put the golf cart away, then went to meet everyone at the tiki bar where they were grilling up dinner. It is always an amazing time out there and with Molly by my side this trip, it was the best yet.

The liquor was brought out at some point, somewhat of a blur but I know it was followed with nothing but smiles and laughs.It was officially dark out and we had cleaned up dinner, everyone was heading back up to the campers for showers and calling it a night.

Now to give you a bit of a background into this, I was Molly’s first (and only) girlfriend and I had been asking her to “sit on my face” but she was never comfortable doing it.


Okay, back to my story…

After a day full of alcohol and day drinking, she came into our room after her shower in just her towel, she laid next to me, kissed my cheek and whispered “I want to try it.” I turned my head, super confused and said “try what?” She pushed me back onto the pillow, put her hands on my shoulders. Her towel dropped and revealed her still slightly wet body from the shower. She pulled one leg over me, leaned down kissed me one time on the lips, shot this innocent but oh so evil smirk at me and goes “Everyone went to bed, I’m going to sit on your face.” I definitely was NOT about to put up a fight, I had been practically begging her for months to let this happen. I laid back as she slowly kneeled so her clit was right above my lips, I grabbed her hips and pulled my mouth into her. I felt her hips twitch forward and she let herself ease down a bit more, her arms were pressed against the wall as she began to rock against my tongue while I just kept pulling her hips into me. She reached down and had a grip of my hair, I opened my eyes to enjoy the view and let me tell you what. It was perfection, I looked up and just admired everything about her right then, the way her hips were moving, her belly button sucking in with her stomach as she had a grip of my hair with one hand and her other hand was running through her own hair, her head was leaned so far back, her jawline was so refined. Her gasps were getting shorter but louder when finally she pushed her hips back, bent over me and as she caught herself on the wall, I heard what sounded like someone breaking the wooden board in karate. She popped up and threw her towel back on while whispering “oh my god, oh shit, oh my god!”Well ladies and gentleman, she lost her grip and put her hand through the wall that just so happened to be connected to my parents bedroom. We did what anyone would’ve done in that scenario, propped up a pillow, laid down and pretended to be asleep.The next morning I woke up early, went outside and picked a couple flowers from the flower bed.  I made a quick breakfast, English muffin with Nutella, sliced up banana and a chocolate donut.  As I was walking towards our room, my dad came around the corner and said “so, how’d you sleep?” There was that all knowing look in his eyes I tried to see past as I said “we passed out, so fine.” He laughed and goes “just fix the wall.”Needless to say the rest of vacation we kept our heads low and didn’t drink much.


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