Live your story

c98874e97b0ce1ee881c20cab02093b5.jpgThis post is for two people that have inspired me to follow my dreams and stay true to myself – they don’t know I’m posting this yet.  Hell, come to think of it, they probably don’t even realize the impact they’ve had and continue to have on my life. 21314511_10207768769736647_4783417539114336144_nFirst and foremost is Dar. (IG: lularoe.darnellbrunt)  She is a hard working mom and wife who has grown her business to be such an inspiring and amazing one in such a short amount of time.  She does what she loves, truly.  She is always available whenever you need her and she is one hell of a mom.    Then there is a newer friend of mine I have met through a hot yoga studio – well it’s actually HER hot yoga studio.  Dom has created a safe haven for living and healing.  CASA D HOT YOGA is where I found serenity and a place to ground and humble myself.18057144_1683640598605803_3938534131745465608_n.jpgSo don’t just live your life but live your story, live for your dreams.  Everyone has their own story, if yours is selling Lularoe or becoming a yoga teacher and opening your own yoga studio – by all means do it!  If it’s writing a book or starting a blog – DO IT!  Why wait, do it now, take the chance because when you look back, you’re going to see all of your success you have had so far or what success you could’ve had if you started when you originally intended to.

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