So there was this girl Olivia, she dated one of my friends from high school for a couple years. They ended up breaking up and about a year later we bumped in to each other at the mall, she looked like she could use a friend so I offered dinner and drinks. There were no ulterior motives behind my offer, I swear! We ended up going right then, headed over to a local sports bar and had several drinks, the more I drank; the more I was noticing how hot she actually was. I guess because she was dating my friend, I never really saw her in that way. It was hard to ignore now though, she had this luscious long blonde wavy hair, her body was toned all over, you could see her muscle cuts through her clothing for Christ sake! Her teeth lined up perfectly when she smiled too. Her eyes, they were this perfectly round and hazel-ish, green color. So as we were drinking, we were just bullshitting and talking about our past relationships and everything in general. She glanced at her phone and realized we had been here for several hours and it was almost 10pm. One of her friends had text her asking to go to a bar that’s open later, she invited me to tag along. I gladly said yes. We get to this bar and I had never been there before, we walk in and there’s bartenders making out with customers ON TOP of the bar! We sat at the other end of the bar order a round and out of nowhere I feel Olivia’s hand on my thigh. I looked over and she just flashed me a quick smile. Her friend showed up and we stayed there drinking for about another hour. I told them I was going to head out soon, they both agreed it was time for all of us to go anyways, we paid and I followed them out of the door. Olivia hugged her friend goodbye and as I was walking her to her car she was telling me how she didn’t want to go home just yet. I offered for her to come over to my house and hang out, she stopped walking, leaned into me and the second her lips touched mine I pushed her against her car and we stood there making out for a few mins before she pulled away to say “I’ll follow you to your house.”As we get to my house we both agreed Snelling like cigarettes from the last bar was disgusting and we were going to shower, me being my dumbass self hands her a towel and goes to turn out of the bathroom, she grabbed my arm and says “you’re not getting in with me?” I undressed her so fast, turned on the water and we were in the showering making out before I could even answer her question. I stopped kissing her for a second to literally admire her, I took a slight step back and if emojis were real that smirk and heart eyes emoji were combined on my face in that very second. I went back to kissing her and let my hands trace down the water droplets. I traced her collar bone down over her breast and ever so softly over her nipple. I kept it tracing over each rib as if they were a winding road. When I got to her hips, I started following my path again but with my lips, I kissed down her collar bone, over her breasts, I kissed and bit her nipple. I let my tongue slide down from between her breasts and traced my finger over her hip bone to meet my tongue at her clit. I knelt down and she looked like captain Morgan as she propped her left leg up on the soap dish. I pushed my two fingers over her clit as she flinched by pulling her hips a little back I pushed two of my finger into her and bit her clit softly, she gripped my hair and rocked her hips into me, I wanted her bad in that moment, I kept my fingers pushed into her and had my middle finger pressed and moving over her g-spot. My mouth never separated from her clit, I had her moaning and moving her hips against my mouth when I heard a thud, her leg dropped and I felt something land next to me. I immediately stopped and it was the damn soap dish that was on the wall. I quickly cleaned it up and told her to “get in my bed now.” She walked in with her towel around her, and laid down covered up under blankets and threw the towel at me as I walked in. I climbed under the covers with her and we went back to making out, she immediately grabbed my hand and pushed it down between her legs. I didn’t even kiss my way back down, I lifted up the covers and started right back where I was before the soap dish broke off the wall. She grabbed my hair as I bit on her clit again and jerked my head back, it turned me on and made me want to get more rough with her. I kept teasing her with just her clit and kissed my way back up to kiss her, as I kissed her She put my hand on her throat, leaned up into me and whispered “choke me a little.” I never in a million years thought I’d enjoy that, but it was some kind of rush and a completely different turn on. I had started fingering her with two fingers and was so close to being able to cum I pushed one more finger in and eased up on the choking, she let out this loud moan and between quick breathes said “I’m going to cum.” Her legs tightened up and her entire back arched off of my bed, she yanked my head away from her by my hair again and this moan was so loud, like a sensual gasp, then her entire body relaxed, she was practically panting for air and y’all, she didn’t just cum, she “squirted” AKA she turned my bed into a swimming pool. My sheets were soaked. I went into the hall closet and changed them while she went into the restroom to clean up, again. Olivia spent the night and we cuddled and kissed and the next morning went our separate ways.


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