This one here, it is a bitter sweet memory for me.  I had a crush on Demi growing up through most of high school, our families were close and we were often at each others family get together’s. Anyways, I never told her I liked her or anything growing up and college obviously led us in two totally different directions, until this one summer.

It was a couple years ago and she was visiting home for the summer. We had ended up getting back in touch through a friend and the three of us went out for drinks. I feel like I should come with a disclaimer that states a warning when I drink I immediately gain liquid courage, but that’s besides the point. So after a few drinks our friend had left and it was just Demi and I. Somehow it was brought about that I had a crush on her way back when, she was in shock and asking a bunch of questions that all kept ending in “why didn’t you tell me?!” I didn’t have a clear enough answer because I was just young and not completely out with everyone yet. I felt like I was right back in high school though, giddy, laughing and crushing on her all over again. We decided we had enough of the bar and headed back to my house to hang out by the pool and enjoy the rest of the day. We got to my house and I don’t know what came over me but I did it, I kissed her.

I was unlocking the door, I could feel her close enough to me that I was able to turn around and pull her into me. I opened the door and walked in while kissing her, only pulling back to make sure we weren’t going to trip over anything. We kissed the entire way to my room, my hands running through her hair, resting on the side of her face. I knew my bed was in a decent distance from where we were so I picked her up and leaned her into it, without missing a kiss. I had to stop for a split second because it felt surreal that after all of these years Demi was finally in my arms and I was kissing her. While kissing I pulled her shirt up just enough so I could see her diamond belly button ring and hip bones. I un did her shorts and threw them half way across my room, her underwear were these black laced rose looking design that I was afraid I’d tear. I was a bit more careful with those than I was with her shorts. I watched every inch of her skin as I slowly pulled them off her hips, down her legs and helped her out of them one leg at a time. We went back to kissing and I let my hand just trace every inch of her skin, I traced as close as I could without touching her just yet. I ran my hand up the inside of her left thigh, I let it barely touch her clit when I could feel that she was wet. Our kiss got more intense with every second to the point that I couldn’t wait anymore, I kissed down her stomach quickly, I wanted her. Hell I had waited about eight years for that moment. I grabbed her hips and pulled her clit in to meet my mouth. She immediately arched her back and tilted her head back, I felt her hands grab the sheet near us on each side. I didn’t let up, that was just fueling me to keep going. I wanted to please her, I kept my mouth locked onto her vagina, she reached up and pushed the back of my head so my my mouth was pushing harder against her. She kept moaning my name, it was such a turn on. I wanted more of her, I wanted her to get louder, I wanted her to cum. I felt her thighs start to shake and her hips were rocking against me, I kept my mouth in place, my tongue moving over her clit faster. She tightened up her entire body and released all at the same time as she pulled my head away from her and pulling her hips back, she was breathing fast and heavy and was still moaning “oh my god Cayla.” I sat up with an enormous grin, she looked at me, laughed and said “I need a cigarette.” We gathered ourselves up, went and sat out front on the rockers and she just kept laughing, shaking her head and saying “So that’s what I’ve been missing, I didn’t think you’d be that good.”


We spent the next month spending more time together, all while knowing she’d be leaving and that we wouldn’t be anything more than a one time summer fling.


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