Amy Lynn

Alex was one of my buddies from high school, we didn’t really hang out until our second year of college.  That summer we were always at the hookah bar, the beach, concerts or one of our houses for drinks and house parties.  Well this one weekend in particular, his sister (who I didn’t even know he had) had moved home for a while.  Amy, was this short but super sexy curly haired blonde girl with the complete package of ass and boobs.

So we are all at this party and I go outside to say “Hi” to everyone; there she was, this girl…she was a stop what you’re doing, take you breath away and keep dreaming type of girl.  Of course, challenge accepted; I wanted her.  I didn’t even finish seeing my friends, I walked up to her and introduced myself.  She looked me up and down, smiled and said “Hi, I’m Amy Lynn.”  Her southern accent was one for the record books, literally I melted from just four words.  We spent the night hanging outback, laughing at all the “one liners” I apparently use without even noticing.  We decided even though it was the end of June in South Florida, we were starting a bonfire.  Everyone went inside saying we were drunk idiots but I grabbed two chairs and placed them by the fire pit for us, I sat down and she sat on my lap while completely ignoring the chair I got for her.    We were out there all night, ended up watching the sunrise while the fire dwindled away.  I asked if she’d like to go to breakfast and she kissed me on my lips and said “I’d rather go lay in bed with you.”  That’s just what we did, I grabbed the hose and made sure the rest of the fire was out.  She grabbed my hand and inside we went, everyone was passed out everywhere through out the house.  Literally there was one of our friends, Trey sleeping on the dining room table with a cushion from the chair as a pillow.  We quietly stepped over everyone and tip-toed into her room.  That morning we just laid there cuddling and kissing, I asked her to go to the concert with us the following weekend as my date.  She said “I’d love to” then kissed me and we fell asleep.

Fast forward to the next weekend, we had been spending the morning trying to get ready but every time she would walk by me we would end up making out and I’d start to undress her.  She’d giggle every time, push me back some and say “save it for later, I want you later.” I kept trying all day but she indeed made me wait until later.  We had a great time at the concert, had to have a few sneak away moments so no one would catch on.  A couple of my friends did catch on though and we explained to them that we didn’t want her brother Alex finding out just yet because we weren’t even sure what “we” were and if we were anything at all besides a good time.  They completely understood and promised to keep it hushed.  The concert came to an end and we all went back to Alex’s house.  Amy Lynn and I hadn’t gotten out of the car yet, we were kissing and knew Alex was inside, so we had to stay out in the car for a few minutes.  Those few minutes ended up leading to almost an hour, she had climbed over my center console, straddled me while we were kissing.

She kept biting and kissing my neck, I knew she was leaving a mark but I let her do it.  I wanted her and having her that close to me, made me want her more.  She took off her shorts and whispered in my ear “it’s later, you can have me now if you want me.”  I went to take off her thong and she stopped me, she said “I have my clit pierced so don’t be too rough.”  I looked at this girl like I was looking at an Angel, I swear.  A clit piercing, I had never been with anyone who had one nor have I even seen one at that point.  I managed to get her thong off and gently placed my fingers between her lips so I could feel the piercing.  It was definitely there and the second I pushed against it Amy Lee rocked back and ended up pressing my horn.  We both jumped, laughed and went back to kissing.  At that point I think our friends realized we had been outside so they end up sitting on the front porch to smoke and out walks Alex.  We stayed in the car, I wanted her and I wanted her to cum before we got out.  She was so wet and we were fogging up my windows.  I knew our time was limited though so I pushed two fingers into her and kept my thumb pressing on her clit, she’d keep rocking against my fingers and tap my horn.  Every time my horn would beep they’d all be on the porch yelling “Cheers!”   (I guess you could say my friends are my greatest supporters.) HAHAHA!  So at some point while we were in my car I guess Alex decided he would scare us with his bear costume, still not knowing it was his sister I was with.  He ended up going inside getting his costume and crawling around the side of the house.  Amy Lee was moaning and breathing quickly, she was rocking against me even faster than before.  She buried her face into my neck, bit down and her right hand slapped against my window (yes, picture the titanic scene.. it was just like that.) As her hand came back to my face and she kissed me, she said “I’ve never gotten off like that.”  – The driver side door swung open and we were facing a “bear” that went from “ROARING” to “What the fuck” in a matter of seconds.


The cat was out of the bag, Alex found out and wasn’t too pleased but ended up getting over it later that summer.  We didn’t end up staying together, we remained friends and still enjoy the memories from that summer.  Oh and of course, our friends still bring up the fact that we nailed the titanic scene perfectly.


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