No hands

For those that have lived under a rock for quite some time now, there is a show that is called “The L Word.”  Well my ex Molly had never seen it before, she also had never been with a girl other than myself but that’s besides the point.

We spent a few nights binge watching and in one of the episodes, Shane and Carmen play the “too hot game”.  They begin kissing but neither one can touch the other with any hands, while watching this show all of my friends have always compared me to Shane in the aspect of a “horny teenage boy” despite the fact that I am a raging lesbian. HAHA I guess they could be the same thing.   Anyways, Molly and I decide to play the too hot game that one night.  We had started with my back to the bedroom door and as we kissed, I took a step closer to the bed.  She would run her tongue across my bottom lip and take an easy bite before kissing me again. Each step I felt my hands start to pull towards her but I resisted.  Our kisses were always amazing but these kisses, in that moment were untouchable and not just because it was he too hot game. We had moved right next to the bed after a minute or so of kissing, I stepped my left leg between her legs and leaned into her, the way her knee’s caught the side of the bed it caused her to fall backwards.  I used it to my advantage and placed my hands above her head in hopes it would give me an advantage of not giving in, it in fact did NOT.   I kept pulling my head back and barely touching lips, trying to tease her into grabbing my face for a kiss.  Molly wrapped her legs around me and pulled my hips closer to hers, I started moving my hands closer to her face and I knew I was going to lose.  Molly then bit my bottom lip and I instantly moved my right hand to behind her ear, I pulled her face up into mine and kissed her hard.  She pulled away for a split second and smirked a winning smile at me, I was happily the loser though.  We laid there kissing for a while and when I asked what she wanted her prize to be, she sat up, kissed my cheek and took off her pants.  Her winning prize was a winning prize to me, I leaned her back and wasted no time.  I kissed down her neck and left small bite marks tracing down her collar bone, I pulled her tank top over her head as she undid her bra at the same time.

Molly was still somewhat shy and prude to an extent but she was very open minded and wanted to try new things every so often with me.  I told her I had to change out my tongue ring to the new one I bought, it was a vibrating tongue ring.  I continued kissing my way down her stomach and to her hip bones, I turned the vibration on as I started kissing her thighs, she jumped slightly but was pushing my mouth faster to her clit the closer I was getting.  I let just the tongue ring go over her clit and she rocked her hips up into meet my tongue harder than she’s ever before, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth into her.  I could hear her other hand grasping at the head board as she rocked with the movement of my tongue.  Her moans were louder than normal and she was rocking faster with every movement I made.  I felt her bend her knees and push up with her toes, bringing her hips and clit as close to my mouth as she could.  As fast as it started, she had her orgasm.  Molly’s breathing was fast paced and shallow, her thighs were shaking an insane amount and her hips were quivering.  She pulled me up to her by the collar of my shirt and kissed my forehead while using whatever breath she had left to say “OMG.. that was amazing.”  To this day, I am completely happy with being the loser in the “too hot game.”



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