I’ll start this one with some background before getting into it. I went to college in West Virginia and most of the sports teams had “team houses” AKA party centrals. There was the football house which was known for the slip and slide, Cornhole, flip cup relay races. The cheerleaders house which was almost always pre-gaming before going out to Wiseguyz and the basketball house which was GACKME party house! We’d always bounce between the houses each week, a crazy blend of people that always got along and had an amazing time.

Fall time in West Virginia is almost all college students favorite time, it’s football season, bonfires, (in West Virginia it means couch burning) and yes parties galore! This one Sunday afternoon in late September our football team stomped on West Virginia Wesleyan, the post game party was at the football house. We all rushed home and showered, rallied and headed down the street to party! The house was packed and the keg stands were already happening, there was a huge bonfire in the backyard and the smell of West Virginia fall was perfect!

We all were outside by the bonfire, drinking, talking and smoking, one of the cheerleaders (we will call her “K”) was talking to me about where I’m from and what Florida was like. It was an innocent conversation at first but as the drinks kept coming we were sitting closer and closer, she was starting to ask about what it’s like to be with a girl and that she had never been curious until recently. I tend to gain liquid courage as I drink, I mean who doesn’t really? So my first response was honest and then she had asked more detailed questions and I said “it’d be easier to just show you.” I could see her cheeks blushing even with the glow of the fire reflecting off her face. We had plenty of alcohol and I took the chance, I placed my hand under her chin and pulled her into my kiss. We sat there kissing for a bit and I said “you know we can leave or just go upstairs.” She grabbed my hand and we walked inside and up the stair way, we went to the bathroom and I shut the door behind us. We stood there kissing for a second and I asked if she was sure about this. She shook her head yes and continued to kiss me, I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist, I pushed everything on the edge of the counter away and I placed her there, next to the sink with her back against the mirror. We were kissing and her dress was pushed up above her hips. I slid her thong to the side so I could push my fingers against her clit, she gripped my back and pulled on my shirt so hard it was choking me with the pressure against my throat.

I pushed my fingers into her slowly at first, she stopped kissing me and moaned into my neck. I kept my fingers moving as she bit down on my neck, she was leaving a hickey while trying to stay quiet and I could feel how bad it was going to be. People were knocking on the door, she scooted herself closer to me and leaned back more. I pushed my fingers into her harder and faster, she bit down on my neck as her hips jerked into me and she cummed so hard it was all over my hand and the counter. When K finally released her bite of my neck, she instantly was apologizing and said we needed to go get ice. I wiped off the counter, washed my hands and looked up to find she had practically broken my skin on my neck. I threw my jacket over my shoulder, helped her adjust her dress, grabbed her hand and gave her a kiss before walking out of the bathroom.

We were greeted with cheers and a round of applause, she was embarrassed but smiled, laughed and we went downstairs and headed back to her place. After attempts with frozen spoons, ice packs, ice cubes and anything else google suggested I still look like I had lost a fight with a giant vampire.

Eventually word for around about K and I at the party, we were talking and getting to know each other but when she thought I had told everyone she showed up to the team house and confronted me. I told her I didn’t tell anyone, everyone else that saw us had to have told, she slapped me across my face and walked away. I walked back into the team house, grabbed a frozen bag of peas and went back to watching the movie with my team. My favorite and worse memory with this girl involved me icing my face/neck in the end. 🤦🏻‍♀️


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