This next girl I met through social media. Britt is this stunningly and smoking hot girl who has thousands of followers, I was crushing on her for a good while. She has a bunch of tattoos and the way her smile is so infectious was just mind blowing. Her voice was this raspy but sexy tone and her laugh, I’d do anything to hear it when we spoke. I got the chance to get to know her a bit before she ghosted me, she was a kind and beautiful soul who had been through some rough shit and I wanted to continue to get to know her more. I kept trying to reach out but after 3 days, I let it go.

A little bit over a year went by before I spoke to her again, it was like she came out of nowhere. I was just going through a break up and so was she, we were each other’s ears to listen to. She lived in Tampa and was willing to drive down for the Holiday weekend, I was nervous as hell but super excited. (I hadn’t met her in person yet.) She got in town and I showed her around a bit, it wasn’t awkward or anything at all to my surprise. We ended up going out that night for drinks with a few of my friends, she fit right in and it was kind of surreal in the aspect of the fact that I hadn’t had a day where my ex didn’t cross my mind until that night with Britt.

We had an amazing night out, several drinks and plenty of laughs. We had a heart to heart talk about both of our break ups and I just genuinely felt closer to her in a matter of a few hours. We got home and as we laid down, she placed her head on my chest. I played with her hair for a bit while we kept talking, she was slowly turning her face up towards me when I leaned my head down to meet hers. I sat up some to kiss her, my hand gently resting under her jaw line I pulled her closer into our kiss.

When our lips locked it seemed almost magnetic, she was the first person I had kissed in a few months and it was a kiss I can’t forget. The passion of intimacy’s so immensely beautiful to me and that is what Britt was making me feel, the build up of getting to know someone and finally having them there, I wanted to make the most of our time. Britt rolled on top of me as we kept kissing, everything about the way she kissed me felt so passionate. Britt sat up on top of me for a second and took off her tank top, revealing her black bra and her slim but toned stomach. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, I traced every inch of her body with my eyes and then my hands. I sat up and met her halfway to Continue kissing, after a few seconds I flipped her on to her back, I wanted her and didn’t want to wait any longer. I began slowly kissing down every inch of her body, the closer I got to her hips the harder it was to stay slow. Every kiss lower Britt would move her hips slightly into me, it made me want her even more. I started to take her pants off and stopped, asking if she was okay. Britt winked at me and said “oh I’m perfect right now, don’t worry about me.”

I kissed down her hips and thigh as I pulled her shorts down and off of her; she had no underwear on which was a pleasant surprise because my kisses rushed back up her thigh and immediately to her clit. Britt let out this moan and her hand found the back of my head immediately pushing my kiss back into her.

I had my tongue ring in that vibrates and as I ran my hand up her thigh I let the vibration turn on as I pressed my tongue against her clit a second time. Britts back arched and she tried to push away but ended up pulling me back into her while moaning “yes, more.” I pulled her hips up into me and pushed my tongue into her, her thighs were pressing against the sides of my face and I could feel her entire body shaking. I reached my left hand up to cover her mouth, I let the vibrations sit on her clit again and pushed two fingers into her, Britt bit down on my hand and was rocking her hips up and down against me. I didn’t stop, I wanted to get her off. She bit down harder as I flicked my vibrating tongue ring against her clit, Britts thighs squeezed my face tighter one last time, her back and hips arched higher than I’ve ever seen and all at once the shaking was subtle and she was running her hand through my hair. Britt rugged at my collar and pulled me up to lay next to her, she rolled into me and kissed my forehead and whispered “definitely worth the drive.”

It was an amazing weekend and that’s all it’ll ever be, we never followed through with seeing each other again and our paths took us to separate areas in life. It’s a weekend I’ll never forget and a genuinely amazing person I was lucky enough to meet and eat… LOL.


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