I had met Eli at a neighborhood lesbian bar, where I had been going on occasion for a couple years. The first night I laid eyes on her was out on the dance floor, this short beautiful brunette caught my eye and I couldn’t turn my gaze away. The music was loud, lights were flashing and moving all over but between the glares I could make out this smile. Jesus was her smile flawless, we ended up moving closer to each other and eventually were dancing together, as the song winded down our faces were so close I just kissed her, it was electrifying.

Every ounce of my being felt the buzz, though our initial attraction was purely physical, I had grown very fond of Eli very fast. We had an intense and doubtful start, really. But, it was not long before our relationship firmed up and we realized our mutual interests, and soon we were together as much as life would allow. I don’t know what I fell in love with first- her great looks, with perfect brown hair and green eyes, or her intelligent, quick wit. She was funny as hell, and did outrageous things. Eli and I had a powerful electrical current storming between us. Our attraction to each other and our appetite for sex kept us in a constant state of arousal, it seemed. When Eli crossed my mind, which was often, the excitement that shocked through often left me with an uncontrollable desire for her. My active mind fought off flashes of scenes from nights gone by, filled with intense pleasure and breathtaking passion. I could feel her touch, if I concentrated enough. I had to fight off the urge to indulge myself in the distraction. I fought to stay focused.

We were obsessed. The more sex we had together, the more we wanted- until soon, life’s focus seemed to be our sexual desire for each other, and how to find time to have more of it. Every other responsibility seemed a resented intrusion on our private time together.  One of our last nights together that summer we were at my house just cooking and relaxing together, we were doing the dishes and I placed an arm around her shoulders and bent down and kissed her on the lips. Just feeling her touch was enough to send a chill through my body, but actually feeling her lips on mine set my heart on fire each and every time. It was a bitter sweet feeling knowing that what we had was going to come to an end soon, our lives were taking separate paths and we would be ending whatever we were soon enough. We had spoken and we wanted that night to be the best memory we had with each other, we finished dinner and laid down in bed to watch movies. I couldn’t tell you any of the movies that were on my television that night honestly. We spent the night kissing, touching, caressing and exploring each other more as if we were trying to imprint the memories of each other’s bodies into our brains permanently. The little dove with Hebrew written by it, her flowers with the quote.. her finger nails were always painted to match her toes, her green eyes pierced through even the darkest room.

My memory is foggy now but it’s still there, that night left it imprinted into memory. When I think back to it, I know I was lucky to get to know her. She’s living her best life now and I’m beyond happy for her!


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