The evening had already been filled with laughter and gossip, catching up on so much news I felt I had missed since the last time we were together. It was a simple evening just the two of us but we hadn’t stopped laughing and gossiping and of course the alcohol flowed as it always does allowing for more conversation to expand past just friends, we laughed and joked about girls, guys, our experiences and even sex toys. Standing in the kitchen I couldn’t help catching a moment as I looked at her, I felt as if I was looking at her with someone else’s eyes, seeing something different maybe. It was just in that split second, nothing more, but in that time I felt a little too turned on, or was it just all of that alcohol flowing through my body. Watching her in a way she laughed, her relaxed demeanor, she this radiant glow revealing the little wild spirit hidden deep inside her that I enjoyed to see.

I quietly watched as she reached in to the fridge to get a little more to drink, ensuring our glasses stayed topped up while our night continued. As she did, I found myself feeling a little more playful and without any thought I touched and I grabbed her arm to help balance her as she swung the fridge door shut. An innocent movement but in doing so and making that physical connection I felt a spark of excitement, like fireworks exploding in my chest. I’m still not sure why, but I did. Our bodies were close, as they had been most of that night, allowing us the intimacy to talk and chat and pour our drinks. I loved that I could smell the thousand kisses perfume she always wore, a perfume I only ever associated with her. I became more aware of the closeness but I found it suddenly more attractive and so extremely intimate. It was just a second, that’s all it took, a second in which I caught her eye, the talking stopped in that moment I found myself leaning in and kissing her soft, gentle lips. I didn’t hesitate or move, but found her kissing me back. Our lips at first testing the response before allowing so much more to happen. I closed my eyes and enjoyed that moment we were exploring together as we kissed with passion and appeal, neither of us pulling away.


I hugged her in close to me and lifted her up onto the counter, her hand stretched out to the side of the fridge and knocking magnets off. We pulled away from that kiss and laughed, my hand rested on her jaw line as we looked into each other’s eyes. She smirked at me and leaned in for another kiss, content and comfortable; our kisses continued. Our hands moving around each other’s bodies and through each other’s hair. I pulled away from her and said “wait right here.” I ran to my bedroom because I wanted to try out a new toy I had just gotten. I came back and she grabbed my face, pulling me into her kiss.

I unbuttoned her shorts, she pushed her hands against the counter to lift herself up so I could pull them off around her hips. She flipped them off from around her ankles with a small and quick kick, to my surprise she had no panties on.   I smirked up at her and she opened her legs and wrapped them around me. I placed the little vibrator on her vagina, the tongue of it split in to two pieces and they sat on each side of her clit. I kissed her as I turned it on, she instantly let out a moan and bit into my neck. I pressed the button again which sped up the vibrations, she gripped my back and pulled me into her kiss; kissing me passionately as I pressed the button once more. It sent her over the edge, she rocked her hips into me and leaned back. I placed my left hand on her chest, grabbed her shirt and pulled her back into my kiss. I held the vibrator on her clit as her legs began to shake and her back arched into me. Her moans got louder and all at once, her thighs tightened around my waist and then went weak.

We poured a new drink and continued laughing and kissing for the rest of the night. Nothing more ever came of it and nothing more will, it will remain a night two friends explored each other and made memories that we can just look back, smile and laugh.


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