I have been searching for a new idea for a blog post – something that would be beneficial to others as well.  So after thinking for a few days I noticed on Facebook, I have so many friend’s with their own business’ and venture’s from custom designed products, clothes, custom made clothes, candles and scent wax warmers, to weight loss and nutritional products.  Some friends are involved with skin care, romance parties, jewelry and I am even part of an amazing company called Only Human.  I decided that this would be a great way to get their names, companies and products out there!

Below I will be posting a few friends of mine and the link to their business/products.


Open Link: Use Code – OHCaylaW for 15% off!   

Follow me on IG: CAY729

OH.png“Only Human is an amazing company that follows true with everyone is equal, there is no color, no sexual orientation, no gender… we are all ONLY HUMAN!  I love the group of people, support system and genuine friends I have made by getting involved.  The OH shirts are so soft and comfortable – I make no profit by selling the shirts, I am an advocate and I try to live by the meanings behind the sayings.  It’s just a simple code to get friends, family and strangers discounts!”



Open Link:  Big Country Sausages – JB

Follow him on IG:  bigcountrysausages

bcs - jake“My entire life my dad was a butcher, and I had a love for food. I loved making food, creating different flavors, anything that had to do with it. I also ended up becoming a butcher for a big part of my life. This, of course lead to one of the best ideas I’ve had. It was something I loved doing; creating gourmet sausages. Sausages that combined flavors you wouldn’t see normally, and guess what? Not only did I love it, but so did others. I’ve been doing it for two years now and even my two and a half  year old daughter loves to help me in the kitchen.”



Open Link:  KB – Scentsy Warmers

kayla baker scentsy“My name is Kayla Baker and I recently decided to start a new journey in my life with Scentsy!  Scentsy is a wide range of home fragrances such as wax and warmers, laundry line, on the go products and much more! We are all about smell goods! I started my journey with Scentsy because I wanted to do more than just my seven to five job, making extra money to save for a house of our own, and still do the fun things my fiance’ and I love to do!

I was intrigued in becoming a Independent Consultant for Scentsy because I am a firm believer of the quality of their products! My favorite products that we have are our wax and warmer systems! Our waxes are para-bin, gluten free and made from food grade products! With Scentsy we never burn our wax we always warm, because our wax only puts off fragrance! Our warmers and wax never get hot enough to burn! Safe for everyone!”


Open Link:  A & T Custom Wood Creations & Designs

A&T customs.jpg“We began this business because my husband is a stay at home Dad. He has medical conditions that prevent him from welding (previous profession). We have 4 children under the age of 4. The economy is tough & finances are tight so we needed to figure out what to do. While on maternity leave my husband made a sign for our house and people started messaging asking if he could make them one similar to ours, so we did. The word began to spread around our small town and it truly helped my husbands anxiety and depression. He loves working with the wood burning, engraving and vinyl. It’s something that allows him to provide while being at home with the kids. We do complete custom work & we ship as well.”



Open Link: LGBTie-Dye

ad - tie dye“I found tie-dye at a very difficult time in my life. I was struggling with my own sexuality, and at the time I wasn’t ready to share this huge thing about myself with anyone else. I made myself a shirt that was Tie-Dyed in the LGBT flag colors that I personally associate with and the first time I put that shirt on it was like this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt free, and I felt like myself for the first time. I wanted to share that feeling with everyone, so LGBTie-Dye was born.”




Open Link:  Mor_Gainzzz

Follow her on IG: Mor_gainzzz

morgainz“4.5 years ago my life was very different – I was exhausted all day long while I dragged myself through work & school Monday through Friday. I usually ate whatever I could find easiest during my busy schedule and was well known for binge eating. So I guess you could say Herbalife found me at the right time because I had forgotten what it felt like to wake up with good energy.. and have it all day long! I started losing unhealthy body fat within the first month and I was feeling pretty awesome. Today I have lost over 25 lbs total. I loved how simple it was to stick with the Herbalife Nutrition and that I had the energy to actually be active again. I hesitantly became involved in the business (only because I was uneducated about the company) but as I kept on with it I found myself loving everything this company is about. I have always been welcomed with open arms by the Herbalife community. I can honestly say that I truly feel that Herbalife Nutrition is #PurposeDriven and really stands behind the mission for nutrition around the world. I feel very proud to be doing the work I am able to with Herbalife because it is helping me make a huge impact with not only my family & friends but in my community as well. I get to make the world healthier & happier!”


Open Link:  JF- Pure Romance

jenn“I love working for this company. Being a single mom and trying to find a part time job was difficult. This company allows me to make my own hours. The product line we have is absolutely amazing. I enjoy meeting new people and being a part of a company that gives me that opportunity is a great way of doing it.”



Open Link:  Kelly’s Creationz


“I love the company and products because I get to help people tell meaningful stories through lockets. It can be completely personalized, sports, hobbies, careers, a memory, or things about their kids or pets.”




Open Links:  The A to Z Boutique

A to Z Boutique – Instagram

A to Z Boutique – Facebook

logo_round_480x“I own the A to Z Boutique, named for my 2 Stepdaughters Avery and Zoe. It’s a women’s clothing, jewelry and accessory boutique. My love of fashion inspired me to start the boutique. But it wasn’t quit enough to satisfy my creative side so I started making a lot of the jewelry, bags and now girls hair bows as well. I hope everyone can feel the passion I have when they see my stuff.”



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