One of the first girls to catch my attention in High school definitely made me realize my feelings started blossoming. I was beginning to realize I was attracted to several girls and this whole new world, if you will.. Opened up my mind and my life.

I had my first girl kiss the summer going into 10th grade, her name was Mary and she was the first girl I had ever opened up to about my feelings and worries. Mary was a short, petite Spanish girl and man oh man was she hot! She had these unbelievable tight curves to her body that just blew my mind, her long dark brown hair was always perfect and her lips were the ideal combination of skinny and plump. We were at a pool party for one of our friends birthdays, it was almost my birthday and she had kept asking me what I wanted. I wouldn’t tell her anything because I was nervous about her response; truth was all I wanted was to kiss her. So at the party we started playing truth or dare, being young teens it was normal for this game to involve kissing and “5 second frenchies.”

Well of course all the guys were making the girls kiss each other and that’s when it happened, this kid Bryce, he was goofy, with glasses and shorter than most the girls in our grade… Well he called my name, I’ll never forget the rush I got! I didn’t even realize I immediately had said dare! He glanced over to Mary, she winked at him and he then dared her and I to a “15 second make out.”

I felt my cheeks get flush and when I looked up she was already scooting over to me with a smile from ear to ear on her face!

When she got a few inches away from my face she said “I know this is what you’ve wanted as a birthday gift all along.” Then she leaned in and it seemed like such slow motion as she placed her hand on my cheek. When her lips touched mine it felt like my brain and heart were one and were going to explode!!!

Everything felt like I was electrified, our lips locked over and over and over again, I couldn’t stop kissing her. Her hand stayed in place on my cheek, I set my hand just under her chin, pulling her a little closer into our kiss. I kept hoping the time wasn’t up yet, that’s when I heard Bryce and everyone yelling times up but she didn’t stop. We kept kissing, we ended up kissing for almost a minute past the time limit and when we finally pushed away from each other everyone was just smiling at us.

My mind was racing in fear “oh no!” and “What if my parents find out.” “Everyone’s gonna talk about us.” Much to my surprise it wasn’t like that at all, no one cared, no one said anything. They all went on to the next truth or dare person and continued with the party like nothing had just happened when in reality, my world had just been jolted into light speed in the best way possible. That day changed everything,

I ended up sleeping over Mary’s house and we spent the entire night making out and fondling each other thru our clothes. It was so intense but I had never felt more comfortable. The rest of summer we ended up spending weekends at each others house and getting closer and closer to the big night, the night we were going to go “all the way.” I stayed the night at her house again while her parents were at a party and we wasted NO time, I was in her bedroom window with my index finger barely holding the corner of the blinds open watching and waiting for her parents to leave! The very second we heard the truck pull out of the driveway; her eyes watched me as she slowly but effortlessly shut and locked the bedroom door, I sat on the side of her bed. As she was walking towards me, she never let go of our eye contact, she was pulling off her shirt and unbuckled her belt, she placed her knee on one side of me and with the other knee straddled me while taking off my shirt. In that moment when we kissed, it was unlike any other kiss we had ever had before, I had never felt what passion was before but I knew that was what it must have been. My entire body was warm and I couldn’t control my hands when they grabbed her hips and pulled her into me, as we fell back on to the bed our lips never parted. Our hands were all over each other’s bodies. She paused just to take off her pants, I had never been so nervous and yet so confident all at once. I pushed her over on to the bed and just stared for a moment before taking her bra and panties off, of course I fumbled with the bra strap even though we had the same one on. I don’t know how I knew “what to do” but it all felt so natural in a way. We went back to kissing while my hand started on her jawline and slowly ran down her neck to her shoulder, my lips followed every inch of soft skin my hand had just touched. I kissed down her chest and to her belly button, I grabbed on to her hips and ever so softly bit her hip while I let my hand wander even further. When my fingers landed on her clit she had a little twitch but let out this soft moan and it was like a light switch inside me was flipped and All I wanted was to hear her moan more. I could feel how wet she was and I wanted more. I let my fingers play with her clit to feel around, she was so wet, the more I touched her the more I heard her moans were getting a little louder and I wanted even more. I knew I had to go for it, I moved my face back up to hers and kissed her right as I pushed two of my fingers inside her. Her hips thrusted up to me and she let out this moan, so loud but so sensual! I couldn’t stop myself I kept my fingers moving in and out and our kiss was relentless at this point. The way she moaned during our kiss and the way she bit my lip if I pushed to hard. I wanted to do more to her, I was afraid though that she didn’t want that yet so I hesitated. After a few minutes she gripped my ponytail and pushed my head back down the length of her body, and in the middle of a loud moan she practically begged me to “lick” her. I let it all happen. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it either! The sounds, the way she whimpered, the way she brought her vagina back up to my mouth when I paused. The broken moans between her breaths that got harder and harder, feeling her legs shaking. When I caught her looking down at me and biting her own lip, her back arched multiple times and then the way she had a death grip on my hair right before she’d cum. That was my first experience and needless to say I couldn’t have asked for a better one! I was hooked.

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