Every year the University Suns high school had a winter basketball tournament and it had become a tradition that my teammate Ally and I had a sleepover that same weekend, we had never talked about me sleeping with girls or even kissing girls. She never seemed to show any curiosity but I of course had two very strong confidence builders and thought she was smoking hot!! She had that beauty mark just like Marilyn Monroe, her breasts were easily a C cup if not a D!! She resembled Britney Spears when she’d make certain facial expressions too, her blonde hair always had the smallest wave in it but looked so natural.

So now that tournament came and I brought up our sleepover and asked if she still wanted me to stay, I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable because high school is a lot of drama and gossip and there was no way she hadn’t heard about what happened. Her response was of one that would be given to a two year old who should’ve known better than to do whatever they did wrong, she said “why would you even ask such a stupid question?! You better stay the night!” Almost immediately my mind went so far down the gutter, immediately imagining the things I could do to her, all while trying to hide my smirk I had pop up on my face I just said “ok it’s a date!”

Fast forward to that Friday, I was dropped off after school and when I walked in I called out to Ally so she would know I was there; I could hear the shower running and she yelled something from inside the bathroom but I couldn’t make out what she had said. I did the usual drop my bag by the dresser and laid down on the bed to watch MTV. After a while she came out with her towel wrapped around her body, that baby blue towel barely wrapped all the way around, I could see her thigh up to her hip and a slight view of her butt. She went to her dresser and letting the small towel drop, it exposed her pretty much perfect body. I had seen it so many times between sleepovers, basketball games and practices..but this time it was different, I was noticing all the little things from the freckle she had just under her back dimple, to the way her calf muscle flexed when she was moving from drawer to drawer. I hadn’t realized I was staring until she was holding up these red, black and white lace panty set… “CAYLAAAAAAA.” She was picking on me as she stepped closer.. “Are you checking me out?” She said it in a joking manner so I laughed it off with her, without answering the question. She was saying how these were the underwear she had gotten for good luck since they were our school colors.

She tossed them to me and I laid them next to me on the bed as I tried to control my eyes a little better. She turned away and bent over, going through multiple drawers. I honestly think she knew what she was really doing though, I could see everything from where I was sitting, her cute little bubble butt and a tiny slit of her vagina…she had to have known I was open to being a girls experiment at this point! She proceeded to stand up and turn to face me. I quickly looked away so she wouldn’t see me. checking her out yet again, it was too late..She giggled and stepped closer, her naked body was less than an arms distance away from me…she asked me “why is it I’m standing here naked and you’re still completely dressed?” I replied with “well you just got out of the shower..” She then pulled me up by my arms and lifted my shirt over my head. Her hands were moving so quick but so gracefully I couldn’t even try to stop her, hell we all know I didn’t want to anyways! I was in awe of how quickly she got me down to nothing without any of my help. Don’t get me wrong, I pretended to put up some what of a fight by asking “what are you doing?” But in the middle of that sentence she pressed her lips locking them to mine and silenced me with her mouth.

She pushed me back onto the bed and started doing this walking motion with her fingers down my body, if I started to sit up I was pushed right back down. She parted my legs and pushed her hand between them. I could feel her finger tips on my clit and it made me even more wet! She kissed me hard one time before pushing two fingers into me, it felt like a small pain of pressure but I wanted it, I wanted her to push them in and out like I had done to other girls. I wanted her to keep kissing me. She leaned up and whispered into my ear and said “just relax.” She started kissing down my chest and I quickly pulled her back up, I didn’t know if I wanted her down on me just yet, yes I loved doing it to other girls but it had never been done to me. No girl or guy had ever eaten me out before.


She kissed my lips softly this time and said “please trust me.” She kissed down my body quicker this time and as she got to my hips glanced up and asked if I was okay, she had already taken her fingers out and was just playing with my clit at this point. She went closer with her kisses without me answering. Then her breath and tip of her tongue took the place of her fingers. It was almost like instinct to thrust my hips into her, place my hand on her head and push her mouth against me. I wanted her to keep going, I needed her to keep going. My left arm stayed on the back of her head and my right arm moved to the side of the bed gripping the sheets as I couldn’t help but rock against her mouth. She kept moving her tongue faster and faster, I had never moaned or had an orgasm yet in my life but my breaths were so quick and the “oh my gods” we’re coming out of my mouth as if I was doing an auction. I felt her push two fingers back into me and it happened, my legs tightened up and then went weak, started shaking and my hands released the death grip I had on the sheets. I couldn’t pull away quick enough. It was such a relief and so sensitive afterwards. I pushed her head away as I sat half up in her bed. She sat up next to me with a smirk and said “I’m glad I was the first to get you like that.” She wouldn’t let me touch her all night, she promised the next night she was all mine though. And man did she keep that promise.

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