You can’t do EPIC shit with BASIC people.

We are more likely to meet people who share our values and goals when we maintain a positive and outgoing attitude in the presence of individuals we do not yet know.

As someone who is “starting over” per say; it’s vital that I surround myself with people who want to make themselves better, people who want to watch and help me become a better person.  No, this doesn’t mean anyone from my past is being 86’d but it does mean that the leash, the connection, the string between certain people will get stretched further.  Arm’s distance may even be too close for certain people in my life.

I want to walk with the believers, the dreamers, the courageous and planners.  I want to be surround myself with the successful people that hold their heads in the clouds while keeping their feet on the ground.  I have a select few friends that “get it”, whatever IT may be in my life, they motivate and inspire me to keep going, to keep pushing and to never give up.



I’ve been smiling more recently, I’ve been sticking to plans and being accountable for my word.  The difference you may think is “Oh, she’s sober now” or “She’s made a lifestyle change” but behind both of those reasons is one big factor – I’m no longer afraid to cut ties, I’ve put my own self care before other’s wants and wishes.  I’ve taken hold of my life – I don’t need to grab the bull by the horns… I’ve surrounded myself with people that help reduce my stress, incredible people that want to build new with me because the truth is, I spent years fighting the old.  I spent years trying to prove to myself I could be someone that honestly had no beneficial factors in my future.



I am 57 days sober today and I have a vision for my life, my future and my family.  I have dreams that ARE achievable because of the life I live today.  That’s what it’s all about.  No longer will I be BASIC and predictable, I love the look that people give me when I tell them I am sober.  They are shocked, surprised and in dis-belief; Yes, I’m sober and my life has never been better.  My life has the chance to be EPIC now.


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