50 Shades of Please Be Gay

I realized I hadn’t done a well enough job at this transition between the old blog and the new one.  So I figured no better time than now to give you all some background and explain why I started blogging just over a year ago and why it’s changed recently.

First and foremost, I do not see women as “notches on a belt”, I don’t see them as just a sexual being – I put any woman I am dating, getting to know or just friends with on the upmost highest pedal-stool.  There is this beauty about women that is un-explainable and it draws me in like magnets.  So please don’t think any post that is about a woman is me exposing or exploiting them in any way, shape or form; all names have been changed and 90% of the women the stories are about, are aware of them and gave me permission to post them.


So now, rewind about five years ago; I had been through a “hook-up phase” in my life where I had been several girls “experiments”, that phase kept on for a year or so and the stories I had accumulated were stories you’d truly read about in those erotic books; so much so I had a couple friends pushing me to write about my experiences.  I laughed and joked about it, saying “What would I call it 50 shades of please be gay”?  Well they loved the idea, they pressed the issue for a couple months until I had caved and decided to just outline the first few stories in the notepad on my I-phone.  I sent them the rough draft and they all loved it but there in my notepad is where it stayed until June 2018.  Drunk Cayla got a wild hair up her ass and decided to look into WordPress, Drunk Cayla proceeded to move the stories in the notepad over to WordPress and create the blog “50 Shades of Please Be Gay” that many of you had originally known this site as.

That first year of writing was exciting, exhilarating and exhausting.    The posts have been read in over 183 countries, I made some money off of the Blog’s page and affiliate websites.  I came up with a shirt and a pair of socks – it was turning into everything I thought I wanted.  Then the hate started, the nasty comments, the threats; people were finding me on all social media outlets (in no way am I ashamed of who I am or the fact that I am a lesbian).  It just overwhelmed me slightly, I started to believe I was the tool-bag everyone was accusing me of.  I even had someone comment on my “I never said yes” post saying that I deserved to be raped for living the life I did.  None of these people commenting knew me, none of them knew how loving, caring and genuine I strive to be; truth is, even if they did they wouldn’t have cared probably.


That’s in the past though, 58 days ago I stopped drinking; I picked up a white chip and I realized the impact I could have… I had already been seen in 121 countries, Alcoholics Anonymous is world wide; I could connect and reach so many more people if I included that into my blog.  So no the old blog isn’t gone for good but this is truly a new take on life, I will still be posting my old posts throughout but I will also be posting more about being sober and clean.


I hope I don’t lose any followers as I work on merging the old with the new, if I do – I wish you all nothing but good things.


Never stop living YOUR story.


-Sober Cayla.


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