Alcohol is S#*T


At 29 years old, I have personally asked myself the million-dollar question a handful of times “do I have a drinking problem?”  I look inside myself, I am my toughest critic and I used to ask this question all of the time.  I wondered if alcohol was holding me back, I couldn’t figure out why I just couldn’t be happy or content with my life.  I used to google, “Signs of an alcoholic or “How do I know I need AA?” 

To be so young and have these questions of myself, it must’ve meant something was truly wrong, I entertained one of my old meetings and the very next day, this book popped up on my Instagram feed (cay729 – follow me).  I shared it on my Facebook and one of the women in the group I went to had gotten it privately and gifted it to me.

I used to say I felt stuck, all the time.  I felt un-productive despite having a great job, I felt stuck in a routine that made me miserable and stuck in a routine that was killing me.  What do you think the odds were when I opened that book, the first part of the dedication was “To those who find themselves stuck”.  I believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason and I genuinely believe that my life was on the verge of a downward spiral I would NOT have recovered from.

The truth is, I drank way too much; I drank way too often and I couldn’t stop on my own.  Alcohol is shit for some of us, in saying that I mean that alcohol allows us to turn our lives into shit.  It was the one thing I needed to get rid of and once I did it got worse before it got better.  That “better” though, that better was worth it.  I was blinded by the fog of my alcohol abuse, I thought it made me relax, I thought it “took the edge off”.  When in all reality, it was slowing down my organs and reactions.  It just pushed the issues down rather than taking that edge off.

I started to read this book AFTER getting sober but had I found it before hand – I probably would’ve put my drink down sooner.  So if you’re feeling stuck or questioning your own habits/routines….  Click *Get the book here* below to get your own copy!

Get the book here!



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