Whatever is meant to be will be

While yes, I am young; I’ve been through a lot and what I’ve learned, time and time again, is that whatever is supposed to be mine will come, whatever is meant to be will fall into place whenever it’s supposed to, whatever is right will feel right and I won’t have to force it.

The truth is, life doesn’t and typically won’t always go according to our plan.  We will all  have moments where everything seems perfect and then it’ll inevitably and catastrophically fall apart.  We will be caught up with someone we think is our forever and then we will watch foolishly as the relationship crumbles.  We will pursue the career we dreamt of only to find out it doesn’t make sense.  We will rise and then we will fall down but in time we will always rise again.

The truth is, whatever is meant to be ours will come when it’s supposed to.  Relationships will drift because they have to make room for the right person.  Love will fade because that individual isn’t meant to be with us forever.  Jobs will shift to as new opportunities arise.  Our own plans will completely change because we’re not supposed to be stuck in one place.


When things like this are happening, we might feel terrified.  It might feel like our entire worlds are falling apart.  We may even cry and scream but the truth is, sometimes what we cling to the most falls apart so something better can make it’s way to us.

And the bottom line is, what is meant to be ours might take a while, it might drift, it might get lost temporarily but if it’s right, if it is what is meant to be; it will find it’s way back to us.


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