The lost side of my story

There’s a question I have been pondering recently. What happens when we own everything we are? By ‘owning’, I mean speaking up about the pieces of ourselves that make us unique. It does no harm when speaking about the pieces of ourselves that we are proud of but by doing so only inflates our own … Continue reading The lost side of my story


I had met Eli at a neighborhood lesbian bar, where I had been going on occasion for a couple years. The first night I laid eyes on her was out on the dance floor, this short beautiful brunette caught my eye and I couldn’t turn my gaze away. The music was loud, lights were flashing … Continue reading Eli


One of the first girls to catch my attention in High school definitely made me realize my feelings started blossoming. I was beginning to realize I was attracted to several girls and this whole new world, if you will.. Opened up my mind and my life. I had my first girl kiss the summer going … Continue reading Mary