Learning to love me

As if getting sober isn’t hard enough, I pretty much have to re-learn how to do anything and everything. While using alcohol, drugs or other destructive behaviors I had been numbing my emotions for years. I don’t know about anyone else but when I was drinking, relationships were most definitely not my strong suit; in … Continue reading Learning to love me


Ava is an inspiring woman. She is drop dead gorgeous without even trying but when you get to know her on a more personal level she is also funny and goofy and it makes her ten times more beautiful inside and out. To try and put into perspective the unwavering attraction I had towards Ava, … Continue reading Ava


One of the first girls to catch my attention in High school definitely made me realize my feelings started blossoming. I was beginning to realize I was attracted to several girls and this whole new world, if you will.. Opened up my mind and my life. I had my first girl kiss the summer going … Continue reading Mary