‘Tis the Season

This weekend has taught me one thing, I’m no longer the life of the party but that’s okay with me.  I am going to own this “new life” of mine.  My life has gotten quiet, it’s the Holiday season and I had not one but two holiday parties to attend. The first party, a woman … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season


This one here.. we are calling her "J". She was my first true heartbreak, my first relationship, my first real life lesson. J was this girl that turned heads when she walked into a room, she demanded her presence be known without even realizing it. The night I first met her, I was 16 and … Continue reading J


Ava is an inspiring woman. She is drop dead gorgeous without even trying but when you get to know her on a more personal level she is also funny and goofy and it makes her ten times more beautiful inside and out. To try and put into perspective the unwavering attraction I had towards Ava, … Continue reading Ava